Once upon a time Nhi, who is the Nhainvn founder, wanted to find a meaningful and unique present for her best friend's wedding but could not find one at the local market. That thought kept haunting her so she did some research online, traveled to some new places and then a bobble headed figure popped out from somewhere. She tried to use different materials to make one but clay inspired her the most. Clay is a magical material which can be used to create caricatures demonstrating a person's character in a wholly unique way..

She quit her job and built a dedicated team with passionate, enthusiastic young artists and then worked directly with the clay factory to produce clay which would not sink into any style of cake, was non-sticky and unbreakable if dropped during transportation.

The chosen product is based on customer requests and images so each one is handmade carefully with love. The clay is combined with different elements such as wood, fabric, metal and resin to meet the customer's requirements.  The Nhainvn team keeps learning and practicing every day to improve their skills in clay moulding, for example through personalized clay wedding cake toppers, clay miniatures and clay figurines as well as other handcrafted items (graphic design paper, printing & painted canvas, three dimensional fish resin painting).

The team would like to honor you just the way you are through these clay figures – they are as unique as you are. They want to help you express your love with your loved ones, your friends and family in an unforgettable way with these lovely and impressive miniatures.